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Artist of the Month January 2022, J. Kelso Turnbull

“The Village from Lang’s” Watercolour, 16″ x 20″ by J. Kelso Turnbull

Artist of the Month November, 2021, Dianne Korsch

Dianne Korsch is the November 2021 Artist of the Month.

Artist of the Month July 2021, J. Kelso Turnbull

“Fall at Lake O’Hara” by J. Kelso Turnbull.

Artist of the Month May 2021, Janet Burgart

Sunkissed Grapes by Janet Burgart

Artist of the Month February 2021 – Katie Hicks

My creative interest began to grow in high school with drawing, painting and pottery classes. After graduating from high school, I discontinued artistic activities, but always continued to view the

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Artist of the Month October 2020: Dona Smithson

Dona Smithson is the Artist of the Month for October 2020

Artist of the Month April 2020 – J. Kelso Turnbull

“J. Kelso Turnbull is a Naramata artist specializing in watercolours, and is an active member of the Naramata Arts Studio.  As a teenager, he attended courses at the Glasgow School

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Artist of the Month March 2020 – Janet Burgart

Janet is a self taught watercolour and acrylic artist. She loves nature and looks closely to see the beauty in the detail of the flora and fauna around her. Janet can often be found

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Artist of the Month February 2020 – Velma Bateman

Velma Bateman is inspired by nature in all its amazing forms, and by planet earth and the universe. She works mainly in watercolours, occasionally in acrylic and other mediums. Velma

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Artist of the Month December 2019 – Dianne Korsch

Artist Dianne Korsch, was inspired to paint this watercolour painting “Northern Skies”,  in an attempt to capture the deep blue skies seen against the brilliant white snow especially in Northern

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