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Grape Knowledge – Marechal Foch

Maréchal Foch (pronounced “mar-esh-shall-fosh”), is a hybrid French red wine grape variety, and was developed in Alsace, France, by viticulturist Eugene Kuhlmann in the 1920’s. Some believe it to be a Goldriesling cross, but its true pedigree is uncertain. It ripens early, is cold-hardy, and resistant to fungal diseases. The quality of wine produced by Marechal Foch vines is very dependent upon vine age. Highly extracted, and carefully crafted wines made from older plantings, such as Lang Vineyards 60+ year old vines, have been very successful as niche cult wines with a dedicated following.

Did You Know?Ferdinand Foch Our prized signature red wine, Marechal Foch, is named in honour of Marshal Ferdinand Foch GCB, OM, DSO (1851 – 1929) who was a highly decorated French soldier, military theorist, and an Allied General during the First World War. After the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, Foch declared, “This is not a peace. It is an armistice for twenty years.” His words proved prophetic: the Second World War started twenty years and sixty-five days later. Many streets and places are named after him including Mount Foch in Alberta.

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