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Fall Vineyard Update

The 2019 growing season started out with a weather hiccup and ended up just about the same. The volatile weather back in March coupled with inclement weather this fall leaves many questions in the air concerning the volume and quality of this year’s harvest.

“It’s difficult to determine” notes Winemaker Robert Thielicke, “but the fruit quality and pressure from the weather is challenging.”

The different regions of the Okanagan Valley have seen unique triumphs and challenges. Robert notes that in addition to our own property you must have regular and frank communications with your growers.

“You really have to have confidence in your abilities and trust your intuition. It’s a real Winemaker’s year – translates as pick now and deal with it.”

This week we crushed our Riesling, and the Pinot Noir is fermenting away nicely.  Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for updates and images from this year’s harvest and crush.

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