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Artist of the Month March 2021, Michel Martel

Lang Vineyards March 2021 Artist of the Month Michel Martel.  Automnal Snow. Acrylic on canvas, 22" X 28"
Automnal Snow. Acrylic on canvas, 22″ X 28″ by Michel Martel

Michel Martel moved to Naramata four years ago from Seattle, WA. He was born in Quebec City. In his work life and in his art life Michel travelled the world feeding his passion for colour and culture.

An artist since childhood, Michel gathers inspiration from his travels both locally and abroad. He had the opportunity to present his work in Quebec City, Seattle, Buenos Aires, and, of course, here in BC.

He was initially trained at a private art academy in Quebec City and later participated in many art workshops in Seattle, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In this month featuring painting he expresses the atmosphere of joyous serenity of an early snowfall. The title is: Automnal Snow. Acrylic on canvas, 22″ X 28″

Michel is a member of the Naramata Arts Studio and the Federation of Canadian Artists with art displayed at Lang Vineyard year round. You can see his most recent paintings on Instagram at @michel_martel_arts

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