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Artist of the Month June 2020 – Katie Hicks

“A Collapsed Cabin for All Seasons” by Katie Hicks

“My creative interest began to grow in high school with drawing, painting and pottery classes. After graduating from high school, I discontinued artistic activities, but always continued to view the world from an artist’s perspective. I hold a BEd and MEd and am now retired after being an educator and administrator in the public school system for more than 25 years.”

“A few years before retiring I took up painting under the mentorship of Summer-land Artist Bruce Crawford. It was through Bruce that my appetite for art, drawing and painting was rekindled – I owe much thanks to Bruce. Running, Hiking and Biking in the beautiful Okanagan Valley for over 40 years gives me inspiration for my “representational style” painting of the rolling hills, flowing creeks, lakes, clay banks, sage and grasslands, log cabins, fences, barns and outbuildings and dilapidated wooden structures.”

““A Collapsed Cabin for All Seasons” was inspired on several winter and summer hikes towards Apex. Over the years the cabin has slowly been “aging” yet it still stands strong as I have photographed it in all seasons.”

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