Lang Vineyards News

Artist of the Month April 2020 – J. Kelso Turnbull

“Assessing the Vintage” – Watercolour by artist J. Kelson Turnbull

“J. Kelso Turnbull is a Naramata artist specializing in watercolours, and is an active member of the Naramata Arts Studio.  As a teenager, he attended courses at the Glasgow School of Art, in Scotland.  His watercolours have been exhibited extensively, and five watercolours (including this one) are currently on display at Lang’s Vineyard wine shop gallery.”

“As summer progresses, winemakers are not the only ones interested in how the grapes are ripening.  In Lang’s vineyard, the local California Quail take a keen interest in grape quality and edibility and can be seen scurrying between the rows of vines as fall approaches.”

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