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2019 Lang Vineyards Harvest Report

As eyes look towards the last pickings of the season (did anyone say Icewine??), Winemaker Robert Thielicke has summed up this past year at the vineyard.

For those of you that following growing reports, seasonal trends, and vineyard production, this should give you a really good insight into the anticipated 2019 vintage.

April – Cold snap and early bud break, with some frost damage throughout the valley. Lang Vineyards was not effected.

May-June – Some cool nights in early May, leading into a very hot and dry June. Excellent growth with early flowering and great fruit set.

July – Noticeably cool July with an abundance of rain showers and cloud cover, thus slowing down ripening and creating a potential risk for vineyard disease. Winemaker and viticulturist worked diligently together monitoring all vineyards for quality assurance. Our team stayed busy keeping vineyard canopies open for increased airflow which is essential in maintaining healthy vineyard and fruit quality.

August – Hot and dry throughout most of the month. An average temperature of 28.0 °C is ideal for growth and ripening, which lead us into early versaison. Perhaps the best August weather we’ve witnessed in the past 15 years along with no forest fires and zero valley smoke!

September – Very cool with plenty of rain, causing ripening to halt. Fruit flavour development was noticeable but sugar levels remained the same for the entire month.

October – Cool nights and plenty of sunshine. October gave us more time for flavour development. A seemingly exceptional year for aromatic white wines such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Muscat. For reds and Rose, this year’s production has been the best I’ve seen. Reminds me of Veneto and the Northern East Italy region, known for their fresh and vibrant wine styles. A perfect match for pizzas and pastas.


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